Columbus- Explorer for Christ

Blog- Oct. 11- 2021
     Today is “Columbus Day”; a time when we celebrate the discovery of the New World by Europeans. Some, on the other hand, today are not “celebrating” because they see this as a time when slavery began. However, Africans had not been brought to, nor did they inhabit, the Caribbean area in 1492. In addition, some “scientists” in the Catholic Church thought that the world was flat! Columbus’ discovery sent their theories into a tailspin! Not only was the world round but wonderful new things were found, like sugar cane! Now THAT changed the world, permanently! It became a much “sweeter” place. (Pun intended.) At first only royalty could afford the sweetener but eventually people all over the world tasted the exotic flavor. Some found that it could be turned into a “magical elixir” called….rum! (You know the rest of THAT story…..)
      But did you know that Columbus’ fervor to discover more of the world west of Spain and Portugal was secondary to his true intent? His diary, still under glass, reveals that his main goal was to “spread the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ”? Yes, it is true. (I’ll bet you didn’t learn THAT in school! It certainly is ignored by those who disdain the explorer’s efforts overall.)
     While men jumped off the ships and reveled in the warm climate, the new fruits, and the abundant sugar cane, Columbus was trying to figure out how to communicate the Good News of the Redeemer to them. Many of the natives did come to faith, according to history. But unfortunately, many others saw a way to make lots of money by enslaving the natives and eventually importing African slaves; sold by African chiefs of warring tribes. The trade became famous and extremely profitable. Unfortunately, the proclamation of God’s Word took a “back seat” to greed.
     Today the same thing is happening. Our forefathers came from Europe, most importantly, to spread the true religion. Both Calvinists (early Presbyterians), Roman Catholics and Lutherans bravely crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find a place where they were not persecuted for their faith. While they, too, reveled in the New World’s offering of rich land, they were most grateful for the opportunity to build churches where they could worship in good conscience. They soon set out to “make disciples” according to their own beliefs. But, like Columbus’ efforts, the Church in America soon took a back seat to greed, selfishness and rationalism.
     Pray that God the Holy Spirit would cause men’s souls to rise up for His Truth today! Pray that the love, mercy and grace of God in Christ would so inspire and fill souls in the Church that there would be a new “discovery” in our sin-laden world; the free gift of God’s redemption through Jesus Christ! This is the “sweetest” and most precious gift man can ever know! 😊 In Him our loving Savior,
                         Pastor William C. Mack