January 06 marks the beginning of the season of “Epiphany”; characterized by the coming of the “wise men”. It is also known as the “Gentile’s Christmas”. Overall, it is a time of realization that God has manifested Himself…..to the world.

So, with the beginning of the “wise men” (Gentiles) how does God “manifest” Himself to us today? A recent clergyman opened Congress praying to “Brahma…or any other manifestation of God.” Our political and religious leaders, by far, say that God manifests Himself through any, and all, deities worshipped in the world. Isn’t that “nice”? It DOES make us feel good. It gives us the “right” to ignore that “complex book” (Bible) and “give life our best shot” (morally); “hoping for the best”. (And we wonder why we, as a nation, are so afraid of dying…..) The First Commandment, however, narrows divine truth down to ONE God; the triune God.

In it, He says that all who die in their sin without faith in Him are going to eternal Hell (John 3: 16-19). “Wow, Pastor Mack! Did you not have enough roughage in your diet yesterday?! That is kind of harsh!” Do a Bible study on “Hell” and “everlasting punishment” (ex.- Matthew 25:46). Reality is a real eye-opener!

Fortunately (here comes the Gospel!) God gave the Jews (first) and then the whole world baptism and the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus’ birth, suffering, death, and resurrection. Baptism would be the main avenue of bringing salvation to millions of souls! (1 Peter 3:21) As souls were “buried with Christ” (Romans 6:3) and “clothed” with Him (Galatians 3:27) they saw, by faith, their Savior; manifested to them by His grace alone through the waters of Baptism and proclamation of the Gospel. May we become “wise men” this season and embrace the importance of the Christ Child to our hearts through these means of grace to His glory! For we ask it, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.