Face Masks

“No more masks!” The call has gone out and “freedom” to not wear the mandated face-covering is growing! Although some states, like California, still require masks for the public, indoor shopping, etc., we are becoming more and more “free” to not wear the dreaded face coverings. What a relief! 😀

What is it about man-made or even God-given, laws that cause us to rebel? Some laws are good for us! “You shall not commit adultery” (the 6th Commandment), when followed willfully (or against the will) brings about a noticeably lower rate of sexually transmitted diseases and divorce! God is pretty smart! And the 7th Commandment (“You shall not steal!) keeps people content (forcibly or meditatively….” I think I have all I need.”); not to mention a drop in people being shot as burglars! Two illegal men in Montana, recently, thought they could harm and steal from an 11-year-old girl while she was in her house. They had knives and had just killed a guy down the street. SHE had a 12 gauge shotgun! Their deceased bodies are being shipped “south” of the border. 💀 Lesson learned….we hope.

Our sinful nature just HATES laws; divine or human. Some distaste is understood. When you are in a hurry, for a good reason or not, the state laws regarding speed limits are a true “bummer”! Some we simply cannot abide by; like the law permitting abortion (it is a breach of the 5th Commandment- “You shall not murder”).  But, as Christians, we do our best to obey the laws, even the mask laws. I “faithfully” griped my way through every store purchase because I had to have a mask on. The clerks were "appreciative" of my bluntness, and irritability, I am sure. 🙄

Fortunately, Jesus fulfilled all laws for us and for our salvation. He, as God, knew which ones were spurious. We, being human, however, must check with the ultimate authority (His Word) and go from there. The divine satisfaction of Jesus’ life, given to us, leads us to obey all (mask) laws, even when we desire otherwise.

So, we go on from day to day, from week to week, wondering what new law that man will come up with; spiritual or otherwise. In the meantime we know that a Place awaits us, by God’s grace, where there are no laws and no masks (Yay! 😊). Through faith in the risen Savior Heaven is ours and that will bring the ultimate freedom, joy, and peace we have longed for as believers. God grant it to all our hearts, ever-increasingly, through Jesus Christ our Lord.