Is the War Winding Down?

Although I never, as a rule, watch the news, yesterday I noticed that the war in Afghanistan is “winding down”. Being the longest war our country has ever fought in, my question was: Who won? Sounds like a “draw”. Thousands of lives were taken; both civilian and military. Since I am not a military strategist, I do not know the reason for extending it beyond punishing those who instigated terrorist acts. In my case, “ignorance is bliss”. I always support the military. They are doing what they are ordered to do to protect us. But for those who were marred for life and for those families who will have to suffer for a lifetime, “bliss” is not in the picture.

Wars are always fought for the same reasons: greed and power. Even those professing to be Christians have started wars; supposedly, for the sake of the Church. Right…..Hundreds of thousands have died at the hands of those who butchered bodies “in Jesus’ Name”. Terrible and a horrible witness for the true faith, especially in light of Jesus’ words, “Love your enemies.” – Luke 6: 27).

While we must, at times, physically protect ourselves and our country, physical wars must NEVER, ever, be fought to protect God’s truth or His Church. Our struggle is not with governments. They are ALL established by God (Romans 13:1). Our battle is spiritual and with the unbelieving world, our sinful nature and the Devil himself. Saint Paul said, “Fight the good fight of faith” ( 1 Timothy 6: 12)…..”of faith”.

Since faith is “knowing, accepting and trusting” God, we need to prepare for “battle” every day. That is why military troops practice mentally and physically. We, as Christians, need to put on the “armor” of the Lord daily, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6: 12) “Therefore”, Paul says, “take up the whole armor of God; the truth of His Word, His righteousness, His peace in Christ, the gift of faith, the blessing of salvation and the use of His “sword” (God’s Word) (see Ephesians 6: 14-17). Get to know God’s Word better, accept what He promises and trust, ever more deeply in His grace. Why? Because our “war” is not “winding down”. It is increasing. But we know the final outcome for all of God’s children:

Eternal bliss in Heaven with our Savior and all the saints. Victory is already yours and mine in Christ. Let us continue to “fight the good fight” until He calls us Home. Amen. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Pastor William C. Mack
Christ the Rock Lutheran Church