Blog- Sept. 20, 2021
    This week on my clergy calendar includes a commemoration of the prophet Jonah. As you undoubtedly remember, he was the guy who was called by God to go to his enemies in Ninevah, a town of the Assyrians, to preach His Word. Most people know the story of how he was swallowed by a whale, or great fish, and how he not only survived but that the entire city was brought to repentance! Two miracles!
     Miracles are downplayed today; mostly, I think, because of the vast achievements in the last 200 years. Industry, scientific discoveries (like penicillin), etc., have allowed man to rely on himself more and more. We will have a “man on Mars”, undoubtedly, within the next 20 years. It seems like humankind has no bounds to its wisdom. Or so it seems…..
     Last year I was going door-to-door inviting people to worship with us. When I came across a self-professing atheist with a “Ph.D in physics” I said to him, “Great! Maybe you can tell me where the sun came from!” He stared at me and said, “H_____, I don’t know!” I responded by saying, “That is why I’m here! So you won’t have to go there!” Evolution has many forms but no one who professes to be an atheist has ever given me an explanation as to how the sun “evolved” into being. And I have knocked on thousands and thousands of doors! Let’s admit it. It is a miracle, especially when you know that the sun is a burning ball of gas. How would ANY combination of atoms/miracles “decide” to get together to burn themselves up!? Then there’s that whole 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that says that order CANNOT come out of chaos. (I can tell you EXACTLY when the sun will come up 10 years from today…….Order…..). The universe is one huge witness to miracles from a Creator.
         Life, in the womb, is a miracle. And the Bible, of course, is full of unexplainable actions. The greatest miracle is that God took human form, came to earth, suffered, died and rose again…..for us. Faith, a gift from God, allows us to supersede the natural stupidity we have (spiritually) and trust in a God Who, not only loves us, but has promised us other miracles; forgiveness and eternal life in a place where supernatural beings (angels) live and where no pain, stress, or negative thoughts ever occur! THAT is much more miraculous, in my book, than surviving being swallowed by a whale! And that comfort is ours, by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. I have my doubts that the whole town where I live will be brought to faith as I continue to knock on their doors. But, by God’s grace, I know that the miracle of faith has brought me a peace that I cannot find anywhere else. I pray it is yours, as well. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.