Mother's Day

Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Grandparents Day. Valentine’s Day.  Why do we need a special “day” pointed out to us to tell those around us that we love them? The greeting card people love it! Without those “days” they would (probably) be out of business! The flower shops, too, go “crazy” trying to fill orders on those days; not to mention the jewelry that is sold. And if we do not make a special effort of some kind….wow….our name is “mud!"  

What do I have against those “days”? Nothing! It is just sad that we, in the last 100 years, have become so self-centered and so apathetic toward others that we need T.V. ads and calendars to remind us to “love one another.” 

Of course, growing up, I was obligated to do something to remind my Mom that I loved her on Mother's Day. She, of course, was thrilled when I got a card for her or made a bracelet (out of pasta) to adorn her wrist. Hey…..she loved me too; “wrinkles” and all. 

Every morning….and I mean EVERY morning, as I headed out for school I kissed my mother. I remember one day in high school, I headed out of the door quickly in order to avoid the morning kiss for my mother because my friends were waiting for me. I was “too cool” (I thought) at that age to show affection toward my Mom. About 4 houses away, we heard a loud voice yelling out,  “WILLIAM”!!!  My buddies turned to me and said, “What did you do?” I said, “I ‘forgot’ to kiss my Mom.” They all gasped….I ran back, gave her the obligatory kiss. She smiled and I was “good”. If only I could give her another kiss today…..How I miss her…..

“Honor your father and mother,” God told us in the 4thCommandment. Obey them when you can, spiritually, and love them 24-7-365. Mothers are a miraculous vessel that God uses to create life. Incredible. As a male, I cannot conceive (no pun intended) the pain my Mom was put through to give me life. Doctors have told me that men cannot, physically, stand that much “torture.” But not only appreciation for the obvious bodily stress but God’s love for them draws us to “honor” our Moms. 

Jesus showed that love toward us on the Cross and sealed it with the approval of His empty Tomb. Let us get the (obligatory) trinkets (or your name will be “mud”!) but most of all, let us love our Moms with the love our Savior showed us which included telling Saint John to watch over His Mom as He died on the Cross. If my Mom could read this I’d say, “Love you, Mom!” But since she is in Heaven, she can’t. But when I get there, however, we’ll have a love for each other unknown before on earth. Praise God. May He bless our mothers, daily, to His glory.

Pastor William C. Mack