New "shepherd" and new future

Blog-  October 10, 2021
     Christ the Rock Lutheran Church, a virtual congregation, called their first pastor last Sunday (Oct. 03, 2021)……Me! Previously (June 2009- Sept. 2021) I was a “missionary-at-large” with pastoral responsibilities (preaching, teaching, evangelism, counseling, and administrative duties (ordering hymns online, doing blogs for the website, ordering supplies, etc..). Quite honestly, I’m delighted to be their “shepherd”. 😊
     We have endured many “storms” along the way; attempting to find reasonable rental space, deaths, division, and apathy to our attempts at reaching out to the community. But still the Lord of the Church continues to bless us through His Word and the Sacraments. While we remain small, in numbers (18 souls) the faithfulness of this “flock” is remarkable.
    And transitioning from a physical location in Carlsbad, CA (Senior Community Center) to a virtual situation has been a challenge for sure! When the Covid-19 virus hit and the former place of worship was not available because of governmental “lockdown”, we went online and tried “Skype”. As one member said, “It’s better than nothing!” Soon, however, we realized that Bible study would not be feasible from a Skype perspective. So, someone suggested “Zoom”. Even though we had very little experience with it (as a congregation), we soon realized it was “perfect” for us. 😊 We could not only see and hear the Word but interact in “real time”! “Perfect”!
     Now we have most of our members and a number of visitors blessing us on Sunday with their presence. Several of the brethren are elderly and in nursing homes and are unable to join us but I minister to them by sending the sermon to them and visiting them in person with the Lord’s Supper. It is working out well.
     Another congregation in Virginia, Agnus Dei Lutheran Church (Fredericksburg) also is practicing this outreach along with a physical presence. I’m certain that Pastor Jim Shaw and his “flock” will join us soon in fellowship and that a number of other Lutheran congregations searching for fellowship in the country whom I’ve been in contact,  will also join us in establishing a group of Confessional, Lutheran, churches in “official” fellowship and support.  Exiting time! 😊
    Pray that the “Lord of the harvest” will send many more souls our way so that we may serve them with the blessed Word of God. With much upheaval in our country today, many souls are in dire need. May Christ’s peace be poured out upon them through His means of grace until He comes to take us all Home to Heaven. Praise His Name!
              Pastor William C. Mack