September 11th, 2001

Tragically, this week marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered! I say “murdered” because there was no state of war declared between the U.S.A. or any other nation. “Faithful” Muslims decided to actually act on their beliefs and take the lives of “infidels”; those who rejected the teachings of Islam.

For those reading this who know “really nice Muslims who wouldn’t hurt a flea”, I remind you that in every religion there are those, like in Christianity, who follow their religious beliefs to whatever degree they feel comfortable, not according to its decrees. In other words, in every faith, there are liberals, moderates, and conservatives.

James E. Horn, a veteran who served in the Diplomatic Corps of the U.S.A., wrote a book on his 25 plus years in the Middle East. (Experiencing Islam)(2009) He served in areas that were “backward” and some that were “civilized”. Overall, this excellent book (I have read MANY books on Islam) reveals that those who follow Islam “faithfully” will kill (murder) and all who oppose OR reject the Muslim faith! The liberals and moderates, like all the same mindset in other religions, smile and “get along”……until the conservatives (“radicals”, actually truly FAITHFUL) Muslims force them to act. They have. The “liberal and moderate” Muslims are building up in tremendous numbers in the U.S.A.; both in general society and, especially, in political settings. Why is this so dangerous? Because the goal of TRUE Muslims is to make the United States an Islamic state! Sharia law is incredibly cruel, especially to women! Death in the “service” of blowing up buildings or U.S. military is “the guarantee to Paradise”! Time and space do not allow me to point out the hundreds of deficiencies in the pagan religion of Islam. Overall, Islam is extremely works-righteous.

When Sept. 11, 2001, occurred, I had read much on Islam and often responded to people, “Yes, it is sad but it should have been expected! Ignorance is not always bliss!” But what can we do? God has brought hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our country, I believe, so that we can reach out to them with the Gospel. Many Muslim souls have been brought to Christ. I, personally, heard a former Islamic terrorist speak who was converted to Christ and is now a missionary in the United States to Islamic communities! The dark religion of Islam must be parted by the light of Jesus Christ; His grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness.

Muslims believe that Jesus existed. They just don’t believe that He was, and is, God in the flesh Who suffered and died to forgive them. Let us share the Truth of God’s Word with these poor souls so that they may know the peace, joy, and absolute certainty of Heaven through faith in Christ.

Amen and amen!