This past week has been a “blur” as I ran back and forth to the T.V. and to my office; hoping to catch a glimpse of “hope” for my daughter and her family, and (ironically) my visiting son’s situation in Texas. The unexpected snow and ice storms, extremely low temperatures, combined with the complete loss of electricity, heat, water, and “facility” use had the state in emotional shock. Fortunately, they have electricity now, the stores are starting to open up but, at this juncture, the water situation is not good. God willing, the water will flow once again and “peace” will reign, as it did before, “deep in the heart of Texas." Meanwhile, my daughter, grandson, and son took a respite, via a business opportunity, to fly to Miami for relief. A girl can only last so long without a shower! (I’m told) God provides, once again.

We have been so abundantly blessed in our country. When unusual occurrences “slam” into our daily lives we, too, are often shocked! It is so easy to forget what kind of world we live in; one plagued by sin, death, and the power of the Devil. Nature has been corrupted by Adam and Eve’s transgression but we, in this country, expect “Paradise”, too often. People living in countries where extreme temperatures occur on a seasonal basis, like Greenland, Africa, etc., expect to be “uncomfortable” during certain times. But Americans, by and large, demand to be “comfy” 24-7-365; hence, we prepare (as best we can) furnaces, air conditioners, inside plumbing, refrigerators, etc. But God has a tendency to “wake us up” once in a while; reminding us that this is NOT “Paradise” and that we had better be prepared for our “final journey”; one ending in flames and pain or the other option of being in perpetual peace and enjoyment.

In this time of Lent, we remember that Jesus left His perfect Home to experience the suffering of life, the pain of the Cross, and the horrors of death and Hell for us. His humiliation has guaranteed us a place where there will NEVER be snowstorms, ice storms, thirst, or pain. May His life of suffering encourage us to “weather” all storms in His love for us. Heaven awaits. That is His divine promise.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Rev. William C. Mack