Spring has Sprung

Spring is here! Just a few days ago, the calendar informed me that a whole new season was upon us. Strange that we, in southern California, are going through a “cold snap”; temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal! But…. "Spring has sprung”, as they say, whether you see and feel it or not!

The dictionary definition of spring is: “That season of the year in which plants begin to grow after lying dormant all winter: in the North Temperate Zone generally regarded as including the months of March, April and May.” (Webster’s College Dictionary) Well….we in southern California (like the southern portions of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Arizona) virtually never see snow or temperatures dip below freezing. In fact, I’ve seen the temperature go into the 80’s in the “dead of winter” here! We would hardly know it was “winter” as the people in the northern tier states know so well!

Although spring, as a season, is not mentioned in the New Testament, it is mentioned a number of times in the Old Testament. (See 2 Samuel 11: 1, 1 Kings 20:22, et al). The references, generally, point to that time when armies were ready to march.

In like manner, we may find ourselves in either of two scenarios; spiritually: one in which we are starting to grow in our faith or one in which we find ourselves preparing for “war” against the world, the flesh, and/the Devil.

The Holy Spirit Himself works through the means of grace (the Word and the Sacraments) to plant the seed of the Gospel and, through that message, to “fertilize” our God-given trust with even more strength! Temporally, it may be “winter”, but the Lord might bless us with spiritual "spring";  incredible insight into the wounds, suffering, and death of Jesus. An example would be the 495-page book by Martin Chemnitz (who lived in Luther’s time), entitled “The Two Natures of Christ”!  One can never “plumb” the depths fully of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. His “spring”, thank God, never ends! 😊

But then, spiritual “spring” might also lead us to “fight the good fight”; a spiritual war. The world wills to never compromise on its atheism. It hates us; the Christian Church. The “flesh”, with us 24-7-365, tries constantly to steer us in the wrong direction, Biblically. And the Devil….well, he is the “champion” of evil. Enough said about him….

May God’s “spring” be with you always in this Lenten season. Remember all that the Savior suffered for our salvation for in Him, alone, we find the strength to hope and endure the trials that we, His children, endure until we are brought to “eternal spring”; Heaven.

Search the Scriptures for God’s love and grace toward you, remember (daily) the promises connected to your baptism, and partake of our Lord’s Body and Blood when they are offered. In doing so, you will find your spiritual “spring” to be a time of perpetual blessing and preparation.

In Him our Savior,
Pastor William C. Mack
Christ the Rock Lutheran Church