Spring is Coming

Wow! February is gone already! Is it me or did this past month go by really fast? For those experiencing traumatic weather, like in Texas, maybe it did not go by as fast as they would have liked! But with only 28 days in February (the shortest month), we see the “beginning of the end”….of winter.

Life is like February; it is short, full of surprises, and makes one “strain” to see better times; hoping for a better life ahead. I guess one could say that February is the “month of discontentment”; it is not “fully” winter and it “teases” that Spring is coming…..soon…..real soon….but not soon enough.

As I look at my 69 years of life, I cannot believe (first of all) that I am that old! And I, like you, have experienced many traumas in life; the loss of loved ones, moving from a culture I knew well (in New Jersey) to one that was alien to me…..Wyoming, etc.  

And as God moves us, or keeps us in the same place, we see that life moves faster than we would like. Starting at conception, we “march forward” to the day that we shall die. Through it all, we are frequently surprised but let us admit it, most of the time we “gripe”. Our hard work has not paid off as well as we would have hoped. That “home in the Bahamas” did not quite work out. The perfect body we had at 21 is now in decline….in more than ONE place! The hard-earned cash that we had stored up will not allow us to live QUITE as comfortably as we had hoped. We ask ourselves, “Why?” Foolish greed, laziness, and nonsensical living are part of it. But even the hard-working, frugal Christian can become disappointed (to say the least!) as he approaches the “Golden Years”. There is always more desired, and the sinful flesh will never be content. No perfection on earth.

Thank the Lord that Jesus left Heaven to live on earth. Talk about disappointment! Men hated Him, cursed Him, and crucified Him. But it was all for us; so that we could see that “Spring (Heaven) was coming.” Through the “tunnel of trials” in this life, we see the “light” of Promise; the Truth that, in the end, we shall enter into eternal life. Of that, we are divinely assured.

This life, in comparison to eternity, is short….extremely short! And as we take our last breath on this earth let us remember His promise to you and me: “He that believes and is baptized SHALL be saved.” (Mark 16:16), and “Whosoever believes in Me shall not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16). “Spring” (Heaven) is coming, brethren! “It is written”…..Amen. 😊

Pastor Bill Mack