Tax Day

 “Tax Day” (April 15) is almost upon us. What fun! ☹ Heart attacks, strokes, and blood pressures all will increase nationwide as we diligently search to save as much as we can from giving to the I.R.S.; and rightfully so! But let’s remember that taxes pay for our military, police protection, road construction, and improvement, etc. We might cringe at the thought, but even politicians must be paid to keep the aforementioned going. The debate continues as to the degree of efficiency THAT has occurred. But taxes are not a new thing….

Under Moses taxes were levied by the Church; mostly to keep the worship of God going as they moved the Tabernacle from place to place. When the Israelites settled in Palestine taxation assumed a more regular and organized form for the purpose of supporting, not only the spiritual side of society but also the civil side. As politics became more of an issue in Israel, taxes grew. (What a shock!) Finally, when Rome took over, the taxes were imposed to support the conquering army, civil matters (roads, bridges, etc.), and political support… Yes, the politicians have always had their hands “in the pot”, so to speak. Money and power are a strong allurement.

So, should we refuse to pay taxes? No! To do so would be a crime and a sin (we must follow the law) (Romans 13:1) and we could end up with a huge fine and even jail time! Even Jesus paid taxes! When some Pharisees tried to “entangle” Jesus in His talk, they challenged Him on the dreaded paying of taxes to the hated Romans. He showed them a coin, worth a day’s wage, and said, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22: 21)

So, as painful as it is….and it IS….let us pay our taxes, and thank God we live in the very BEST country in the world! 😊 What a blessing to live where we can worship freely and work to the glory of Him Who created us, redeemed us, and rose again to assure us of everlasting life. Amen!