Tomorrow is a BIG day for California! Voters go to the polls to determine whether our present governor should be taken out of office or not. Tempers are flaring on every side! With the Covid-19m crisis, rising gasoline prices, and the inflation rate going up, people are questioning whether it could be the present administration in the state…..nor not. The great thing is that Californians get a vote; a chance to tell the world what they think. Whether or not their vote will be a deciding factor is up to the majority of those who actually cast a vote. Historically, recall votes come in way below 50%. But just wait and see the people’s reaction if their “side” loses! Pontification will reign in both the local communities and on the news channels. Emotions flaring equals money for the news channels. That is a fact. Nobody responds to boring news…..

What if God determined morality and the certainty of Heaven by a “vote”? Can you imagine what THAT would look like? From month-to-month people would wonder what is “right” and what is “wrong”! They, too, would constantly question whether or not they are bound for Heaven for Hell! Anxiety would reign supreme! Depression would overwhelm the populace as consciences, seared by one new “law” after another, pummeled them into guilt ….or anger. Yet that very thing is happening in the United States. One Christian church after another is “voting” to change God’s Word. What was a “damnable sin” 50 years ago is actually celebrated in some churches! Is there no objective truth? In the Roman Catholic church last week, the Pope declared that the Ten Commandments were “not objectively true.” What? Do you mean adultery, murder, and theft are “up to the individual” now? The Christian church has lost its mind!

Thanks be to God (and I really MEAN that!) Jesus said, “Sanctify them in the Truth. Your Word is truth.” (John 17: 17) We can come to grips with our sin, confess it to God, and know, beyond all doubt, that it is forgiven. ( 1 John 1: 9) The blood of Christ has declared us righteous and holy and He longs to assure us of eternal life with Him in Heaven (John 14: 1-2) No one, even in the Church, has to “vote” on it. God is a majority…..(Actually He’s the only One “voting”…..) and He has made it clear. No need to wait for further verification. No need to “hold your breath” until the Last Day. God has stated clearly His truth: “He that believes and is baptized SHALL be saved.” (Mark 16: 16). Period. Our “side” has already WON! YEAH for us!

I hope my side wins tomorrow. I’ll be happy about that but if not I know God’s plan stretches out farrrrrr beyond tomorrow into eternity. And I checked the “back of His Book”. We WIN! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!  In Him Who is our eternal Savior. Amen.